SOC Video

 The Secrets of the Caribbean team travels the seas on the historic tall  ship, S/V Mandalay.  It's a connection to the past, still sailing in the  present! 

A Caribbean legend, "Robert Righteous" welcomes visitors to the island of Mayreau with a mix of tradition, culture and music! 

Secrets of the Caribbean visits a Puerto Rican tradition that remembers the past!

Secrets of the Caribbean visits the Island of Mayreau's historic Church of the Immaculate Conception and the school that has meant so much to the island's children! 

During our visit to USVI, One Caribbean Television talks to Ana about Secrets of the Caribbean!

SOC visits Carriacou....."The Isle of Reefs"..........a laid back,  tranquil island known for it's beautiful reefs and laid back pace of  life. 

SOC travels to secluded Columbier Beach on the island of St. Barts and then takes a peek underwater at a magical world. 

SOC visits the Brimstone Hill Fortress in St. Kitts, a World Heritage  site.  Our guide shares how the history of Brimstone Hill has taught him  to appreciate his own history and culture! 

 It's the sound of the Caribbean.......enjoy the St. John USVI Love City Pan Dragons........a very special Steelpan band! 

Nevis' legendary Bath Hot Springs are reputed to have remarkable healing properties.  Join Ana as she takes a walk on the "hot" side!

The Grenadines are one of the best kept Secrets of the Caribbean.  Unique, they are actually part of two Caribbean nations – Saint Vincent and Grenada.  Beautiful and tranquil, enjoy this look at the Grenadines!

The art of wood turning is alive and well in USVI.  Kurt Marsh Jr. is  the latest in a family of artists who are creating amazing art in a  variety of genres.  Ana visit Kurt and even got a lesson in this ancient  art. Check out this great video

Before she became the S/V Mandalay she was the VEMA.  SOC host Ana  Garcia has the story of how a luxury yacht built by legendary financier  E. F. Hutton, became one of the foremost oceanographic research vessels  in the world. 

The stories of recovery and resilience in the Caribbean, nearly two  years after the devastating hurricanes of 2017 continue to inspire us.   Recently former President Clinton and Former Secretary Clinton visited  the USVI to tour areas that are still recovering,  One person they met  was Adele Thomas who we profiled on SOC.  And the good news, Adele and  her family our finally back in their home!  Ana talked to Adele about  her ordeal and how she and her family survived!